The founding members of this association, who are mostly indigenes of the Korup area have come together to function by the existing laws of association of the Republic of Cameroon, with the resolve to contribute in the conservation of the Korup National Park’s tropical rainforest area, by educating, mobilizing and involving the local people in conservation and development activities in/around the park as our way of increasing local awareness and participation, building confidence and a sense of ownership, reducing conflicts, improving local livelihoods, fighting the forest resource and environmental degradation and therefore climate change at a local level.


This association is hereby set up and shall be governed by the provisions of the law No. 90/053 of 19th December 1990. The group shall exist 99 years. Its main head quarters shall be in Mundemba. Starting as a small group of about 15 persons in 2009, the group has grown to more than 90 members coming from local communities and all walks of life.



  • Provision of conservation research assistantship and training
  • Combat climate change at a local level through the promotion of conservation advocacy and environmental education in and around the Korup National Park (KNP) tropical rainforest area geared towards conflict reduction and a change of attitude of our target communities in forest resource use/stewardship
  • Promotion and execution of Conservation/Development initiatives and consultancies around the Korup National Park by members in a bid to minismise pressure on the natural resources, improve local livelihoods and ensure participation of locals in the management and preservation of forest resources in the Korup National Park and surrounding Mangrove areas