The organisation is open to persons of all ages, sex and religion especially local persons who share our vision and are willing to participate or support in the conservation of Korup National Park and its surrounding rich biodiversity, geared towards livelihood improvement.

Our members come from all works of life including traditional rulers, park rangers, ex-hunters, tourist guides, researchers, research assistants, development workers, graduates, farmers, university lecturers, teachers and well wishers who are willing to volunteer for a conservation course.


Active members


All nationals, who are duly registered and participate in the day to day functioning of the organisation. More than 90 members are now fully registered. Members are bound by our articles of association.


Honorary members


This category is open to nationals and foreigners who are not directly involved in the daily running of the organisation but have shown a passion for conservation and development work and demonstrated interest for our vision. They may be called for support and advisory roles to the organisation when need arises. They are not entirely bound by our internal rules and regulations.


To join us as an active or honorary member, visit us in our head office in Mundemba or contact us through our contact form.